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We found WONCE while browsing our social media accounts and instantly fell in love with it. It’s not only a beautiful aesthetically pleasant project founded by Britta Reineke in 2015, as it’s also a tribute to well-designed, aesthetically pleasing and qualitative objects.

Her vision is not only to inspire but also to show the greatest in art, beauty, design, fashion and interior by curating unique brands, products and concepts that are in line with her vision, values, her aesthetic and where she presents her own interpretation of fashion.

Besides being an online journal, WONCE is also a monthly newsletter for design-oriented giveaways and inspiring concepts – we invite you all to subscribe it, obviously!

Since we love to share beautiful projects and be connected with creative minds, we invited Britta to come on board and be our first ambassador and we hope you love her project as much as we do.

What follows are some curious questions we made her and we invite you to take a look at this short-5-minute-reading-interview.

1. Let’s begin with you and rituals. Tell us a bit about yourself & your daily rituals from the moment you wake up?
I am Britta, 27 years young and since the end of last year I am running the online journal and newsletter WONCE, where I am showing the greatest in art, beauty, fashion, design and interior. 
My daily rituals contain: Taking a shower and getting ready for the day, Making a coffee, Checking my mails.
2. How did the idea of beginning started? What motivated you to start it? Tell us a bit about it.
I always wanted to have something, where I can show my aesthetic vision as well as my creativity. 
Besides I wanted to have a platform where I can show brands, projects or products that I admire and I feel are worth sharing. 
3. How do you inspire yourself? What kind of forms of inspiration feed your work curation?
For me inspiration can be found everywhere. However music always inspires and leads me to new ideas and concepts. 
4. Do you have any “rules” to feature products at
The products that I feature have to be in line with my aesthetic vision and my approach regarding design, quality and simplicity.
5.  What benefits do you find from the process of collaboration with brands? What do you look for in a collaborative project?
First of all the brand or product has to match my aesthetic and values. Then I like to get to know the vision and idea behind the brand. The benefit in collaborating is that I can spread the great concept of the partner and as well he gets to know my concept. Mostly in return they also feature WONCE so people become aware of my project.
6. Share some skincare tips / tricks. What are your skincare cabinet must – haves?
Less is more – my motto in any situation and this is also my skincare tip. Don’t use too many products and listen to your skin.
My skincare cabinet must-haves are a cleansing milk, a serum, a day cream and an eye cream.
7. What are your current Made in Youthland® favorites?
My current favourites are the Vital Twin-Oil and the Silky Facial Cleanser.
8. What does beauty mean to you?
For me beauty also means the inner beauty. 
My motto less is more is also an essential aspect in beauty. 

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